Major cities to connect with High-Speed Rail Lines

In the coming years, it will not be a surprising fact that one can travel from Delhi to Jammu or Delhi to Guwahati with high-speed railway networks at 300 km/hr. A new draft National Rail Plan (NRP) by the Ministry of Railways has planned to connect all the cities across India via bullet trains by 2051, including Guwahati and Jammu.

After consulting with several ministries, the Indian Railways aim to complete NRP draft by January 2021. The NRP intends to meet the needs of growing passenger demand and to expand the bullet train corridors, launch new ones to bring significant cities with tourism and economic prospects on the high-speed rail map.

A bullet train (Photo via NHRSCL Website) NRP

A bullet train (Photo via NHRSCL Website) NRP

High-density passenger routes have been recognized to start bullet trains by draft NRP :

1. Extending Delhi- Chandigarh- Ludhiana – Jalandhar- Amritsar bullet train corridor to Jammu via Pathankot to enhance regional connectivity and give an economic boost to the Jammu and Pathankot Region. It will cater to the tourism of Vaishno Devi Shrine and other places.

2. Delhi- Agra- Kanpur- Lucknow- Varanasi- corridor is to be routed via Ayodhya due to Religious Tourism Potential.

3. Delhi- Agra- Kanpur- Lucknow- Varanasi- corridor is to be extended to connect Patna and Kolkata.

4. Additional bullet train corridor from Patna to Guwahati via Katihar and New Jalpaiguri, connecting Guwahati with Delhi Varanasi Kolkata Corridor.

5. Additional corridor between Hyderabad and Bengaluru by extending Mumbai Hyderabad line. Connecting Mumbai with Chennai and will bring North India from Jammu – Amritsar – Delhi – Jaipur – Ahmedabad – Mumbai – Hyderabad – Bengaluru – Chennai corridor.

6. Additional line is proposed between Nagpur and Varanasi by extending the Mumbai – Nashik – Nagpur corridor. It will connect Mumbai with Varanasi- Delhi – Varanasi – Patna – Guwahati corridor.

The proposed High-Speed Rail master plan will bring all major cities to the network, stated the NRP report. The need for a high-speed rail line has been justified as there is an increase in railway traffic. The average speed of passenger trains has taken a strike, and the other modes of transport have taken their place in speed rate.

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