Woman Stoned to Death in Pakistan by Family; Father Has ‘No Regrets’ Over the Brutal Killing


Photo: Connor Tarter/Flickr

Photo: Connor Tarter/Flickr

A 25-year-old Pakistani woman was mercilessly stoned to death by her family and relatives for acting against their wishes and marrying and living with the man she loved.

The barbaric incident, defended as “honor killing” by the perpetrators, happened on Tuesday, May 27, when the woman Farzana Parveen and her husband Mohammad Iqbal arrived at the Lahore High Court to record their statements in a case filed against Iqbal by Parveen’s family.  The brutal murder was committed in broad daylight in front of a huge crowd that had gathered at the High Court.

It was only a few months ago that Parveen, hailing from Faisalabad, had married Iqbal. Enraged by the decision, Parveen’s parents had booked a complaint in which they accused the 45-year-old Jaranwala villager of kidnapping and forcing their daughter to marry him. However, when Parveen arrived at the High Court to support her husband, about 20 of her family members led by her father and brothers assaulted the pair.  Though, they first tried to separate Parveen from Iqbal and shot in the air, they later became aggressive and hurled bricks and sticks at them.

Parveen, who was 3 months pregnant, succumbed to the injuries and died, Times of India reported.  Iqbal, talking to AFP, said they were similarly attacked on their first visit to the High Court.  The woman’s father Muhammad Azeem has been arrested, while her two brothers and three cousins are absconding.

Azeem told the police that he did not regret his action: “I have no regrets on my actions as she deserved this fate,” as reported by PTI.

It is estimated that the so-called honor killings have so far claimed 900 female lives in Pakistan.

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