Sheena Bora Murder Case: Sheena, Rahul Had Plans to Marry in November 2012; Indrani Took the Relationship as a Threat to Her Marriage


Photo Credit: Indrani Mukerjea/Facebook

The Sheena Bora murder case reached another major twist on Thursday after the victim’s younger brother Mikhail revealed that he had the evidence to prove their mother Indrani Mukerjea’s involvement in the crime.

Mikhail told the media that he knew why his sister was killed by their mother. He also revealed his plans to release some photographs to prove his claim.

“I know there is something else behind this murder. It is not about property or money. But let her admit it first. If she does not admit it, then I will speak out at the appropriate time,” Mikhail told The Indian Express. “I know a lot of things which I will disclose later. I don’t want to say why I won’t disclose it now…” “When you see those pictures, you will understand exactly what must have happened that led to Sheena’s murder,” he said.

Meanwhile, police has arrested another person in connection with the murder. Sanjeev Khanna (50), Indrani’s ex-husband was arrested on Wednesday from Alipore in Kolkata.

Sheena Bora (24) was allegedly murdered on April 24, 2012. However, Indrani managed to keep the crime under wraps until Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria received a missing complaint from an anonymous caller three months ago, NDTV reported.

Police Inspector Dinesh Kadam from Khar Police station took over the investigation and kept a close watch on Indrani.  Their doubts became clear when Shyam Manohar Rai, Indrani’s driver was arrested on August 21.

Indrani was arrested on Tuesday, August 25. The 43-year-old former CEO of INX Media has already confessed to the crime.  Khanna’s arrest came after both the driver and Indrani confirmed his involvement in the crime.

Sheena Murder: a Re-cap

On the fateful day   April 24, 2012, around 6.30 pm, Indrani picked up Sheena from Bandra. She was strangled to death in the car. The trio burnt her body and disposed it off in Raigad forest.

One month later, on May 23, the remains of a burnt body were recovered from the spot. However, the police could not identify the body and the case was registered under accidental death.

Nobody doubted Sheena’s disappearance as Indrani convinced everyone that she had moved to the US for studies.

Who is Sheena- Why Was She Murdered?

Sheena is the first child of Indrani from an early relationship with Siddharth Das, a Tripura-based tea-estate owner. Their second child Mikhail was an infant when Indrani left Assam. The children were brought up by their maternal grandparents. Indrani met her children years later and agreed to fund their studies. However, she wanted to keep her motherhood a secret and introduced Sheena and Mikhail as her siblings to everyone.

Sheena moved to Mumbai with Indrani in 2008 and joined St Xavier’s College.  However, following a fight with her mother in 2011, Sheena left the house and started living separately.  At the time, Sheena was dating Rahul Mukerjea, ex- CEO of Star TV Peter Mukerjea’s son, and Indrani was not happy with it.  Sheena was planning to marry Rahul in November 2012, according to Hindustan Times.

Indrani, whose real name was Pori Bora, married Khanna in 1993. The couple has a daughter named Vidhie. Indrani tied the knot with Peter Mukerjea in 2002.

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