Flamingos Massacred at Frankfurt Zoo Were Beheaded By a Fox, Say Authorities

The Frankfurt Zoo in Germany has identified the killer, who beheaded 15 Chilean flamingos over two nights at the zoo. And, it is a fox, according to Zoo authorities.

In a news release issued Tuesday, Zoo director Manfred Niekisch said that tests conducted at the Hessian state laboratory in Giessen have revealed that the flamingos fell prey to a fox. Niekisch said he is relieved that the killings were not human-perpetrated.

Protecting the birds from a fox is less problematic than saving animals from a “human perpetrator,” he added.

File photo of flamingos at  Frankfurt Zoo. Credit: FLankfurt Zoo, Germany

File photo of flamingos at Frankfurt Zoo. Credit: Frankfurt Zoo, Germany

According to the autopsy report, all birds died of bite injuries and some of the birds also sustained injuries when they tried to escape the fox.

Zoo authorities discovered nine dead birds in their enclosure Friday morning, and most of them were beheaded. Although, the police were called to protect the birds, the killer outsmarted them and killed six more birds on Friday night.

The zoo authorities have now decided to lock up the birds in their enclosure at night. Live traps are placed to capture the fox and the authorities are planning to install permanent security measures such as electric fences to avert attacks on the zoo animals, the release said.

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