Death Toll Crosses 310 in the Mecca Haj Crush


Photo:  Camera Eye/Flickr

Update: According to Saudi authorities, the death toll in the Mecca Haj crush has climbed to 310.

At least 220 people were killed and 450 others injured in a stampede at Mina, outside the holy city of Mecca, on Wednesday, Saudi Arabian officials said. The incident happened during the annual Haj pilgrimage in the country, where about 2 million pilgrims from around the world have gathered to perform the Muslim holy haj.

The crush happened as large numbers of people pushed forward during the ritual known as “stoning the devil”. Stampedes that killed hundreds have occurred in the past occasions of Haj. In 1990, about 1400 people died in a stampede in the holy city, while  more than 100 people were killed  in a crane collapse in Mecca, earlier this month.


Mina,the tent city which hosts pilgrims every year

Photo: Amalia Sari/Flickr

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