Books for Tiny tots

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“Books on the shelf,
Books on the table,
Books are the friends,
Which keeps the mind happy and stable.”

Reading is an activity which opens the mind for anyone, but the habit of reading has to be inculcated at the very small age itself. By reading a book, a child not only gets merriment and buoyant moments, but also learns about people, place, animals and other things present in the surroundings. It helps the children in deeper understanding about the world and things available. By understanding about the world they can easily grasp the knowledge of different cultures and traditions which are different from their own.

The books are just like true friends, which increases the creativity of children, imagination process and thinking pattern. The more questions kids will raise, the more they will learn by getting the proper and satisfied answers and the best means to find the answers are books, which leads the children to develop self confidence. Books also helps to evolve ardent and amiable relationships, specially in context of parents and children relationship. If a parent reads with their child on daily basis, then undoubtedly they will develop a stronger relationship with them. It provides children with feelings of attention, love, care and reassurance which is key for nurturing and wellbeing.

Here, today we are talking about the books for tiny tots, which is just a starting stage of learning. Though they cannot read, but can learn with the help of attractive pictures and with the help of parents to improve the imagination power. Watching the pictures at this age from the book will introduce them with reading habit and will imbue their mind naturally..

Following are the books which will help your children to explore the world of imagination and will encourage creativity in them..

1. Freight Train (By Donald Crews)
This book will provide great illustrations to your children and will help them to learn the names of each type of train car.
Price : Rs. 528
Available on Amazon

2. The Napping House (By Audrey Wood)
The Napping House is a congenial accumulative tale which has become a classic bedtime favourite and help children to go to bed with great laughter and sweet dreams. On one rainy afternoon when granny goes to bed snoring in a crazy room and then how the pile increases with children and other animals in the house.
Price : Rs. 1,094
Available on Amazon

3. The Family Book (By Todd Parr)
The family Book with great illustrations talks about the details of daily lives of all kinds of families. The book focus on the definition of family and what constitutes a family.
Price : Rs. 818
Available on Flipkart

4. What Are Stars? (By Katie Daynes and illustrated by Marta Alvarez Miguens)
When the toddlers first see the stars, their heads at night are filled with several questions like, Can we count stars? What are those twinkling lights in the sky at night? Can we touch the stars?
What Are Stars? Is a super informative book that provides teaching in a fun manner.
Price : Rs. 538
Available on Flipkart

5. Black Bird Yellow Sun (By Steve Light)
Ambiguously simple, the book Black Bird Yellow Sun of highlighting colours will get your tots to make up their own stories with their own imagination about what the black bird is up to in the green geass and under the purple grapes.
Price : Rs. 701
Available on Amazon

6. The Snowy Day (By Ezra Jack Keats)
The Snowy Day is a part of award winning children’s books that portray the adventures of Peter, a small black boy exploring and discovering the city on a snowy day.
Price : Rs. 718
Available on Amazon

7. Where’s My Teddy? (By Jez Alborough)
Its a book with great illustrations and has connectivity where your kids will find a connection to it. The story is about a child who loses his bear in the woods but when he goes for a search, he finds a giant teddy.
Price : Rs. 669
Available on Amazon

8. Baby Happy, Baby Sad (By Leslie Patricelli)
We all know that how quickly the babies mood swings. This particular book helps in the understanding of the toddlers about their pair of emotions.
Price : Rs. 639
Available on Amazon

9. Diary of a worm (By Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Harry Bliss)
A hysterical book about the life of a young worm. As per the title, its written in diary form. Its about the observation of a worm and how our worm make differences between being a worm and being a human.
Price : Rs. 1,183
Available on Amazon

10. The Big Shiny Sparkly First Words Book (By Willabel Tong)
Its a great book for the toddlers to give answers for their curiosity making learning fun. The unique illustrations teach children about their first words.
Available in Amazon

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