Volkswagen Recalls 389 Polo Cars In India


Photo Credit: Jessica Merz /Flickr

Volkswagen India has announced that it is voluntarily recalling 389 units of its hatchback Polo cars in India.

The cars on the recall list were manufactured in September, 2015. The recall, though small, has the potential to significantly affect the German automaker’s already eroding brand value. Volkswagen is currently facing charges of cheating on emission tests in its diesel cars sold in U.S. and elsewhere.

“In the context of a voluntary safety measure, Volkswagen Passenger Cars in India is calling 389 Polo cars for inspection and preventive repair of the handbrake mechanism,” the company said in a statement, reports IANS. “The quality assurance department of Volkswagen India has determined that under certain conditions, the handbrake mechanism would lose effectiveness.”

According to the Volkswagen, dealers will contact owners of the faulty vehicles. “This operation will start with immediate effect. The activity at the workshop will require approximately one hour and will be carried out at no cost to the customer,” the company added.

Volkswagen had briefly halted the sale of its popular hatchback car Polo. The company, however, hadn’t issued a reason, until now.

VW Diesel Car Emission Probe Intensifies

German prosecutors have reportedly raided the automaker’s facilities as well as its workers’ homes to gather evidence related to the on-going investigation. The raid comes three after the company said that its software in diesel cars cheated on the emission tests, reports The Independent.

“We will fully support the prosecutor’s office with its investigation into the facts of the case and into the people responsible to swiftly and completely get to the bottom of the matter,” Volkswagen said in an e-mailed statement, according to Bloomberg. An estimated 3.6 million diesel cars built by Volkswagen have the faulty software.

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