Self-Driven Cars: Tesla Model S now with autopilot mode

Tesla has released an update that will allow Model S users drive cars on semi-autopilot.

Does the update allow Model S owners to sit back and let their cars drive them around? Not really, the company still wants drivers to hold the steering wheel. The over-the-air Version 7 will, however, ease few hassles that come with driving. The software uses the car’s existing sensors and computers to help the user with parallel parking as well as driving on the highway.

“We think of it sort of as a public beta,” said CEO Elon Musk at today’s press conference, reports Popular Mechanic, “I think it is going to be quite a profound experience for people when they use it.”

The update 7 is available for both old and new Model S owners. People who bought the cars before September 2014 and did not opt for the update will have to shell out USD2500. For new users, the software is free.

Tesla has taken a bold step towards auto-driven cars; the company, however, has asked drivers to not take their hands off the steering wheel, yet.

“We tell drivers to keep their hands on the wheel just in case, to exercise caution in the beginning,” Elon Musk said today at a press event, according to WIRED. “Over time, long term, you won’t have to keep your hands on the wheel—we explicitly describe this as beta.”

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