Samsung Agrees to Pay USD 548 Million to Apple Inc.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has agreed to pay USD 548 million to settle a long-running patent fight with Apple. The payment is part of a larger, USD 1 billion patent infringement case.

The dispute over technology copyrights between the two companies began in 2011. Samsung has said it will release the payments within 10 days of receiving an invoice from Apple, according to a jointly filed case management statement. The note was submitted to the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

It is unlikely that the half-a-billion-dollar payment will end the Apple vs Samsung dispute. The Korean company has said that it would make the payments on the condition that it gets to retain a right to reimbursement, should future proceedings find the patents invalid. Apple has disputed the reimbursement clause.

Back in 2012, a jury that heard the case had directed Samsung to pay USD 1 billion to Apple. Over the years, the Korean manufacturer has managed to reduce the amount to USD 930 million. The amount is further split into two parts — USD 548 million for technology patents and USD 328 million for infringing Apple’s packaging copyrights reports BBC.

“After years of not getting a cent, more than half a billion dollars is significant,” patent lawyer Florian Mueller wrote in a blog post.

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