Adele’s ’25’ Sells 3.4 Million Copies in US

Adele’s new album 25 has broken music records by selling 3.4 million copies in its debut week. This is the Grammy-award winner’s first album after a four-year long hiatus.

According to Neilson Music, 25 has sold 3.38 million copies so far. The numbers are impressive, given that music record sales are down to 70% from their peak back in early 2000s.

Fans and music critics alike had predicted that Adele’s latest album would be a success, given that the artist has re-emerged after a long pause. The album is not available on music streaming services such as Spotify. “Hello,” one of album’s most popular tracks, however, is available online.

The album 25 is currently holding the top-spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The success of Adele’s latest songs has even pulled her last album 21 on the Billboard top 10 list. This is quite impressive in itself as 21 had sold over 11.24 million copies in the US alone.

Worldwide sales figures for the latest set are not out yet. Last week, Adele broke the 15-year-old first-week sales record held by NSync’s 2000 album “No Strings Attached,” reports Reuters. In the UK, 25 has sold over 800,000 copies during its debut week. Worldwide sales figures for the latest set have not been disclosed yet.

The album is likely to rake in more buyers over the next couple of weeks. “This feels like such a long time coming, my new album is finally out. i am overwhelmed and grateful to be able to even put another record out, and put it out how i want. the last month has been a whirlwind, its literally taken my breath away. i hope you enjoy the record as much as i enjoyed making it for you,” the Grammy winner tweeted on the day “25” came out.

Justin Bieber’s sixth number one Purpose is currently at second spot on the Billboard.

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