About a billion people use Facebook every day

Around one in every seven people in the world uses Facebook.

Facebook’s third-quarter earnings showed that about a billion people frequent the site every day. Its mobile app has brought a majority of its new users. According to David Wehner, Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer, around 1.4 billion people visit the site via mobile phones per month, with nearly 1 billion using Android devices.

Subscriber numbers are important as advertising has become a major source of revenue for the social networking site. According to Facebook, three-quarters of its revenue last quarter came from mobile advertisements, reports WIRED.

Popularity of smartphones as well as falling data cost has led to a growth in video content market. Facebook entered the segment recently to keep users engaged in its news feed. The company not only pushes video clips ahead of other content on the platform, but also runs these clips automatically. The social networking site uses a “three-second rule “to count views,

Rival company, Youtube, has criticised Facebook’s metrics for recording video popularity. “It’s counting you seeing the video, essentially no more than you scrolling past the video in your news feed, as a ‘view’,” said Tom Ridgewell, who posts popular animations on his YouTube channel, according to BBC World. “Those aren’t true statistics.”

Youtube has moved away from the three-second rule and currently gauges user interest by measuring the length of time that people watch the videos.

According to digital media watchers, Facebook will become a threat to Youtube if it can get premium video content owners on its site.

Nonetheless, Facebook continues to be a favourite among investors. The company is currently valued at around USD 306 billion, surpassing the likes of General Electric (valued at USD 298 billion) and Wells Fargo (at USD279 billion).

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